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Revolutionizing Intelligent Robot Services with Autonomous Technology

AutoXing, is a leading provider of intelligent robot services centered around autonomous driving technology. Our mission is to "empower a better life through smart technology." We achieve this by merging cutting-edge technologies such as autonomous driving and AI-driven big data with traditional business models. Utilizing intelligent robots as our medium, we are creating a new paradigm of intelligent retail ecosystems that are closely tailored to consumer needs, greatly enhancing business efficiency, and user experiences.


Discover how AutoXing is at the forefront of reshaping industries with innovative autonomous technologies, making life more convenient and efficient for consumers and businesses alike. Join us on our journey to a smarter, more connected future.

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A Legacy of Expertise in Autonomous Technology

The core team at AutoXing boasts years of experience in autonomous driving and navigation, with backgrounds from renowned map navigation and autonomous driving companies. Our focus lies in the widespread implementation and popularization of fully automated commercial robots. Our primary business areas include the development of intelligent mobile platforms for robots and their commercial operation. Leveraging our accumulated expertise in AI, positioning navigation, and big data, our products find diverse applications across industries such as factories, logistics, restaurants, hotels, and commercial buildings. We also offer robot mobile chassis solutions for various industries.

Redefining Autonomous Delivery Robotics

AutoXing's proprietary delivery robots

as well as third-party solutions utilizing our robot chassis, stand out in comparison to traditional service robots or AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles). They offer several advantages, including the ability to operate without the need for site modifications, straightforward deployment, dynamic obstacle avoidance, flexibility to adapt to production or restaurant settings, autonomous navigation, and seamless integration with IoT devices. In complex and ever-changing environments, our robots can achieve cm-level precision positioning, maintaining location accuracy. They support multi-robot scheduling and integration with restaurant ordering systems and factory management systems, providing rapid responses at every stage of industry's journey towards intelligent transformation and seamless delivery of smart services and management.

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